Which Foods to Avoid and Favor: Salts, Sweeteners, Spices, Animal Proteins, Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Grains, Gluten, and More (Optimizing Nutrition Part 1)

In this first episode of my two-part nutrition series, I dive deep into the world of foods you should favor and avoid from dairy and grains to spices and sugars. 

Discover why I transitioned to goat-derived products over raw milk and explore the complex reality behind the global staple of grains. 

I wrap up with a vibrant discussion on root vegetables, uncovering the nutritional treasures of carrots to sweet potatoes and their vital role in post-workout recovery. 

We talk about: 

06:30 - The various types of salt

10:30 - Look at the ingredients before you buy any food

14:00 - Sugar and sweeteners: which is the best?

15:20 - Honey and crystallized sugars

17:00 - Sugars to avoid and what to choose instead

19:30 - Spices: fresh or dried? 

23:30 - Animal protein: muscle verses organ meat

31:00 - Fish and mollusks

36:30 - Eggs: what the labels mean

45:00 - Milk products: The difference between A1 and A2 milk

50:00 - Grains and gluten

54:00 - Root vegetables: the healthiest options

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are the health considerations when consuming grains, especially with regard to gluten?
  • How does the type of rice consumed impact blood sugar levels?
  • What are the potential health issues associated with high fructose corn syrup derived from maize?
  • How can digestive enzymes benefit one's digestion?
  • What are the different types of salt, and which ones should be avoided?
  • Which sweeteners are considered healthier alternatives to refined sugar?
  • Why is it suggested to include a variety of animal parts in one's diet?
  • How can organ meats like liver be more palatable included in a diet?
  • Why is consuming fish recommended, and which types of fish should be chosen?
  • What are the nutritional values of root vegetables, and when are they best consumed?
  • Why are eggs considered a valuable addition to the diet despite previous concerns?


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