124. Pregnancy Biohacks, Prenatal Supplements, Healthy Birthing Practices and More With Elizabeth Clark


This week I have my good friend Elizabeth Clark on the show. 


We talk about Elizabeth’s conception journey, how she prepared before pregnancy, her pregnancy biohacks, prenatal supplements, her birthing experience, and much more!


If you are pregnant or are planning to conceive one day in the future, then this podcast is for you.


We talk about: 

00:30 - The biohacker’s meetup in Vancouver

11:40 - Elizabeth’s health journey and her health struggles

17:30 - Effects of restricting your child’s diet

18:40 - Elizabeth’s conception journey

22:00 - Detoxing to get ready for pregnancy

26:00 - The shift from being a woman to being a mother

29:20 - Elizabeth’s pregnancy biohacks

32:00 - Elizabeth’s fitness routine during her pregnancy

34:00 - Looking for a good prenatal supplement

41:50 - Elizabeth’s birthing process

49:00 - How Elizabeth predicted when she’s going to give birth using astrology

54:00 - Elizabeth’s breastfeeding experience

59:00 - Pregnancy book recommendations


Let’s Connect:


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