Six Biohacks for Everyone

Biohacking is easy, so let's get started with these basic biohacks that anyone can try!


1. Sun exposure

Sun exposure is pivotal for reaching optimal health: it helps regulate our circadian rhythm (energy and sleep) and hormone production, especially when sunlight hits the skin or eyes without protection (sunscreen, hats & sunglasses).


How: Get some sun in the morning, before the peak UV ray production midday. Let the sun hit your skin for 15 - 30 mins without any protection.



2. Meditation

Bringing mindfulness into your life creates time and space in your busy day-to-day schedule. Rather than stressing about your never-ending to-do list, meditating forces you to be present.


How: Start small, say 5 minutes a day and gradually work up to 30 mins, if you want. Focusing on your breath calms the mind very quickly. If you find your mind wondering (which is totally normal!), just bring it back to how you're breathing.


3. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting gives the body an opportunity to deep clean organs and detoxify by extending the period of not consuming food. Without any food in your system, your mitochondria has the opportunity to clean out toxins from pollution, cleaning products, food, products used on your skin, etc. Giving your body time to do a clean sweep allows the organs and mitochondria to function more effectively, instead of focusing on digesting the food in your system. 


How: Instead of having breakfast at 8am, try wait until 10am or 11am. Most people follow the 16-8 equation, where you have a fasting window of 16 hours and eat during the other 8. Try this one or two days a week, not every single day. For females, be careful with intermittent fasting too often, as it can have negative effects on your hormones. Fasting 3 days a week is a perfect balance.  



4. Movement

Get moving, in any form! A dose of daily movement is key, as it will keep your joints and muscles from getting tight and sore, help detox the body and keep it agile.


How: Just get your body moving in any way, it does not need to be extreme. Walking your dog, running, stretching, boxing, crossfit, barre, sports, cycling or anything else works wonders.



5. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude elevates your mind and spirit in the moment, which elevates your body in the long run. Gratitude is crucial for keeping a positive perspective in life. You are blessed - expressing it feels good and pays off throughout life.


How: Practice gratitude when you meditate, get your daily dose of sun in the morning, stretch at the gym or in any other down moment. It is quick and easy, with lasting benefits!



6. Reduce blue light

Blue light, from your phone, computer, tv and indoor lights, is very damaging to your eyes over time. Reducing blue light helps regulate your circadian rhythm (just like viewing the sun in the morning), your energy throughout the day and significantly helps you sleep better.


How: For your computer, install an app called F.lux that automatically reduces blue light throughout the day as the sun comes and goes. On your phone, there is an option in settings to reduce blue light. At night, use candles, install light dimmers or red lights to help your body slow down as you get ready for bed. Blue blocking glasses are also very helpful! 





Remember this is about you and reaching optimal health for your body, mind and spirit. Even incorporating one or two of these practices can have drastic effects on your health, if followed continuously.