How to make natural homemade hand sanitizer

Regular hand sanitizer is just so hard to find now!

Can’t find these ingredients?



Substitution options:

Rubbing alcohol: this will no doubt be the hardest to find right now. Other options include Everclear vodka (190 proof 95% alcohol) which you can buy in Ontario, Alberta and USA (not BC).

Other people have had success with acetone or hydrogen peroxide... these are serious chemicals, so be careful and do your research. You’ll have to dilute it way more than my recipe and moisturize a ton to reduce dryness!

Aloe vera gel: you can probably still find this, but if not vegetable glycerin works perfectly and is super easy to find at Whole Foods or other health food stores.

Essential oils: I used spearmint because I love the smell to cut the alcoholic smell from this. Using something like tea tree would be a bonus as it’s antiviral.

Bottle: I used an old dropper glass bottle but any bottle will work. Just clean it well and shake it every time before you use it


Interested in seeing how I created mine?

Watch below for my quick process or check out my post on Instagram for the steps on how to do it exactly