99. Why Female Self Care Is Unique With Dana Frost


Why is wellness different for women? I am joined by Dana Frost, a wellness expert, functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, and Heartmath certified trainer. 


In Dana’s twelve years as a life coach, she has accrued a rare combination of certifications and specialties that she is proud to hold and serve her clients with.


We talk about why women feel the need to focus on self-care more, how to reduce stress, allot time for self-care, and more!


We talk about: 

00:30 - I went camping, and my surprising HRV results

14:00 - Dana Frost’s health journey and in educating women in reaching optimal health

19:30 - What to do to reduce your stress starting today

25:00 - Self-care does not need to include complex practices

27:00 - The Heartmath inner balance device for tracking your heart rate

30:00 - Tips for women who are experiencing fatigue all the time

34:00 - Adaptogens

36:00 - Allotting time for self-care

43:00 - Difference between male and female self-care

47:00 - We are exposed to thousands of chemicals every day

51:00 - Start with your breath

53:00 - Light therapy

55:00 - Vibration plates and brain tap

57:00 - Saunas and steamed rooms




Let’s Connect:



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