142. Affirmations That Actually Work, Lucky Girl Syndrome, My Vision Board, Manifestating and More

Have you heard of the “lucky girl syndrome”? It’s all over social media, and for good reason. I dive into what it is and how you can try this as well to level up your mindset and mental health.

I talk about creating positive affirmations that actually work, how to make a vision board personal to you, why manifesting is important and how to achieve the visions, goals and affirmations you set for yourself this year. 

I talk about: 

05:00 - “The lucky girl syndrome”

06:00 - Getting started with affirmations

08:00 - Thoughts are a lot more powerful than we think

11:00 - Your mindset is going to carry you through difficult times and the science behind the “lucky girl syndrome”

16:00 - You can control your life through your thoughts and here’s how

17:20 - Seeing my affirmations daily

18:30 - My phone background image with affirmations 

20:30 - Creating a vision board to make a massive change in your life

25:30 - Shawn Mendes and his affirmations

28:30 - Making your goals come true because of the work you put in


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