140. Q&A: My Morning Routine, Oura and Natural Cycles Mediocre Partnership, Ideal Meal Times, Weighing Food and More

Welcome to another question and answer episode, where i answer your questions that you submit to me over Instagram! 

I talk in-depth about my morning routine, the tech and supplements I’m using, my thoughts (and likely unpopular opinion) on the collaboration between Oura ring and Natural Cycles, when to time your meals, if you should weigh your food or not, and a lot more. 

Message me on Instagram @biohackingbrittany if you have more questions!

I talk about: 

01:30 - The 7 for 70 challenge and my experience doing it this winter

08:20 - What’s in my morning routine

11:30 - Tongue scraping

17:00 - Stretching in the morning

17:30 - Baking soda and grey sea salt in my water

19:00 - Getting as much water as possible

21:30 - Handling my phone notifications

26:00 - The podcasts I listen to

28:00 - My coffee machine

33:00 - Exercising in the morning

36:00 - Making room for positivity in the morning

38:00 - Weighing your food

40:30 - Eating fruit in the evening

47:00 - Timing for my breakfast and dinner

50:00 - Oura ring and Natural Cycles collaboration


Let’s Connect:


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