106. Microdosing With THCV and Advanced Biohacking Supplements NMN and Spermidine with Valhalla Vitality


Today we have Philip D’Agostino with us from Valhalla Vitality and we are digging into a new era of supplements with ingredients that are so hard to find. 

Valhalla Vitality strives to create and provide easy access to the tools people need to achieve peak wellness.


We talk about: 

02:00 - Holistic weightloss

07:50 - Why Philip started Valhalla Vitality

10:30 - Valhalla Vitality’s best-selling product and why

11:10 - What is THCV and its effects

13:00 - THCV and fasting

14:40 - How Philip found out about THCV

17:00 - THCV vs microdosing with Psilocybin or LSD

18:45 - NMN and what it does

25:10 - Methyl B12 and Methyl Folate

26:30 - Taking NMN everyday

29:30 - Autophagy and spermidine, and their benefits to your cells

31:45 - Reversing aging by lengthening telomeres

40:20 - The supplement you should start with from Valhalla Vitality




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