How Women are Redefining Biohacking, Cold Therapy, and Breathwork with Kristin Weitzel

Meet the inspirational Kristin Weitzel, a leading expert in breathwork, cold exposure, and biohacking, who's taking the wellness world by storm. 

We delve into the need for tailored protocols for women and the growing interest in biohacking among women, the challenges of representation, and the perception of the term "biohacking."

We also provide valuable tips for newcomers to cold therapy, emphasizing the importance of grounding techniques and nasal breathing. From bathroom break exercises to microdosing fitness, we share practical insights on incorporating wellness into everyday life. 

We talk about: 

10:00 - Embracing slowing down and seasonal reflection

15:00 - How Kristin started with biohacking

23:00 - Women and biohacking

28:30 - Common misconceptions women have in the biohacking world

36:00 - Women in biohacking and their individual expertise

40:10 - Biohacking on a budget and micro-dosing fitness

46:00 - Cold therapy and hard work as transformative mindset tools

53:10 - Best breathing technique for cold exposure

1:01:15 - Embracing the challenge of cold therapy

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How do some women use cold therapy to build mental resilience and prepare for giving birth unassisted?
  • What are the key practices and objectives of cold therapy?
  • How do breathwork and cold therapy intersect?
  • How can biohacking and self-care practices be integrated into corporate culture?
  • What are the evolving perceptions and experiences regarding biohacking among women?


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