Biohacking Conference Honest Review: Pros, Cons and the Unexpected


I attended the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida last week and wanted to share some key takeaways! 

From captivating presentations and cutting-edge technology to the lack of diversity and unprofessional behavior, I offer my honest reflections and invite listeners to join in the discussion on the Biohacking Conference.

I talk about: 

10:00 - Access to cutting-edge technology

12:30 - Interesting discussions and presentations

14:00 - Meeting fellow content creators and influencers

20:00 - The lack of diversity throughout the industry

24:00 - The cost of attending the conference

34:00 - Be aware of pseudo-science in biohacking

36:00 - How to make The Biohacking Conference more inclusive and accessible

40:30 - Should you or should not go to the Biohacking Conference

42:30 - Lack of discussions on women’s health

45:00 - Other biohacking events that you can join


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Let’s Connect:


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