How Old Are Your Cells? Exploring Your Biological Age With GlycanAge

Nikolina Lauc, the co-founder and CEO of GlycanAge, joins me today as we discuss biological age, glycans and how we can be optimally healthy at a cellular level.

GlycanAge allows you to measure & influence your longevity by looking at an entirely new part of biology. Glycan biomarkers uniquely encapsulate genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving longevity for every human.

We talk about what GlycanAge is and why you should get tested, factors that increase your biological age, how to decrease your biological age, and many more.

I talk about: 

00:30 - My results when I took the GLycanAge test a few years ago

09:00 - What GlycanAge is and why they’re important

11:20 - Testing glycans and what they indicate

12:50 - Glycans and CRP biomarker testing

14:20 - Your GlycanAge test results and inflammation

18:50 - Things you are doing day to day that are making you age faster

23:50 - The impact of childbirth on a woman’s body

25:50 - A population study on aging in different countries

28:20 - Things that can help improve your biological age

32:20 - How often you should get your GlycanAge tested

33:50 - Benefits of GlycanAge testing

37:50 - The future of GlycanAge

43:20 - Surprising findings using GlycanAge

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are some ways to reduce biological age?
  • What is the aging clock, and how can glycans help identify certain disease risks?


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