Working With (Not Against) Your Microbiome

It's hard to pass up a good chance to eat your favorite dishes this festive season. Think about it: cookies, gingerbread houses, turkey, and Christmas ham just calling out your name. But what if there was a way to help you make healthier choices and still enjoy the celebration? That's where Viome comes in.


Viome is at the forefront of this emerging field, providing cutting-edge testing and personalized recommendations to improve your overall health on a micro level.


With their at-home testing kits, knowing the state of your health is more accessible and convenient than ever before. Viome creates precise, science-backed recommendations by combining your biological data, lifestyle and diet choices, and artificial intelligence. They aim to change how we think about health and nutrition by understanding the human microbiome.

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The Viome Full Body Intelligence Test is one of their new and most popular products. It's a comprehensive at-home test that measures eight high-level health scores (and 50+ subscores) to give you a comprehensive overview of your health. The test itself is simple and easy to do and won't require you to fast or make drastic changes to your diet in any way. You need to provide a sample of your saliva, blood and stool, which Viome will then analyze in their laboratory.


From here, Viome explores microbial and human gene expression in producing unique, actionable insights that can help you improve your health. This kind of detailed information was once only available to a privileged few and scientists, but Viome is now available to anyone who wants to take charge of their health holistically and organically.


How To Use Viome’s Full Body Intelligence Test 

Viome provides an in-depth microbiome analysis using a cutting-edge holistic test, including ways to best optimize your gut, oral, mental, cardiovascular, and immunity health. The cellular study also gives you a deeper look at your body's true age and how best to maintain good health with appropriate supplements and dietary choices.

1.) Order the kit from Viome's website. You'll receive the Full Body Intelligence Test containing the test kit. Be sure to use my code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY for a discount.

2.) Send the saliva, blood and stool sample back to Viome using the prepaid mailer.

3.) Within three to four weeks, you'll receive your results which will be available on the Viome app and website.

4.) Viome will make dietary and supplement recommendations based on your results. You can browse Viome's platform and check your integrative health scores for immunity, cardiovascular, gut, and oral health, to name a few.

5.) Subscription kits are also available from Viome's website to take care of your dietary supplements based on the results. You can opt-in for a four to six months subscription, so you get your Viome's recommended supplements hassle-free and delivered right to your doorstep.


Benefits Of Using Viome’s Full Body Intelligence Test

Viome Full Body Intelligence discount code

Overeating, fatigue, and bloating are just a few of the issues plaguing us during the holiday season. Here are the many benefits Viome's Full Body Intelligence Test can help you get to the root of these problems.

1.) The test is a simple, at-home gut microbiota test

Consider this your handy nutritionist and health coach in one. The Viome Full Body Intelligence Test allows you to take your samples in the comfort of your home. All you need is to send the stool, saliva and blood sample and let Viome take care of the rest.

2.) Get specific, actionable insights

The test results will provide in-depth and specific information about your overall wellness. This way, you can finally take action to improve your overall health based on Viome's recommendations on what's good (and not good) for your body. You get concise, clear, and easy-to-understand explanations of the science behind each recommendation.

3.) Take control of your health

By taking the Viome test, you're taking charge of your health and finally getting the answers you need to improve your overall well-being. No more feeling frustrated or stuck on making the best dietary and lifestyle changes ideal for your body.

For me, Viome has been instrumental in helping me understand my gut health issues and how well my gut and oral microbiome are functioning. For example, it showed me that oxalates are causing issues for my microbiome, contributing to inflammation in my body. By removing these foods, I can support my microbiome better and reduce systemic inflammation and the symptoms that accompany that. It also showed me that I have cavity-causing microbes in my mouth, meaning I need to floss more and consider using probiotic-rich toothpaste. 

All in all, if you have persistent symptoms and can’t figure out why they may be occurring, testing your microbiome can reveal hidden causes you may be unaware of, which ultimately helps you heal. 


Visit Viome and enter code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY for discounts on their products.




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