Carnivore Diet: Should You Try It? How to Start, The Right Supplements, Anti-Nutrients, Plant Based Protein Vs. Animal Based Protein, Clean and Grass-fed Meat, Nightshade Vegetables, Biohacking Chick, Sylwia Tabor

In this episode, I chat with Sylwia Tabor (@biohackingchick), a carnivore, health coach, former vegan and biohacker. She loves self-experimentation, quantifying everything related to her health and creating inspirational and informative social media posts about the carnivore diet and her health journey. 

We unpack everything about the carnivore diet including how to start, who it would benefit most, what supplements you can have while on it, what an average meal plan looks like and the history behind it. We unpack why Sylwia got started with the carnivore diet in the first place, as she explains her struggles on her health journey. 

We also talk about: 

  • Anti-nutrients in common foods
  • Nightshade vegetables and their role in inflammation
  • How to cook vegetables and grains properly to remove toxins


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