Unlocking Cellular Renewal: Spermidine's Science and Strategies for Healthy Aging with SpermidineLife

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I'm joined by Don Moxley from SpermidineLife, where we delve into the realm of spermidine's scientific aspects and its advantageous effects on cellular rejuvenation. Additionally, we underscore the significance of lifestyle choices and personal drive, while emphasizing the importance of establishing achievable objectives and employing visual aids for motivation.

The utilization of spermidine supplementation has demonstrated its capacity to foster graceful aging by kickstarting cellular renewal via autophagy.

This process aids in countering the buildup of cellular debris and ultimately boosts cellular functionality as we progress through the aging process.

We talk about: 

05:40 - What spermidine is exactyl

09:40 - How spermidine is different from other longevity supplements in the market

10:40 - What happens when you take spermidine

17:00 - Lifestyle recommendations so you can achieve autophagy

21:00 - Finding purpose as motivation for healthy decisions

24:00 - Building a lifestyle that supports your purpose and goals

26:00 - Setting tangible goals and events to stay motivated

31:00 - Your behaviors affect your kid’s outcome


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