Harmonizing Stress: Exploring the Impact of Sound and Vibration on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Nervous System Health with Sensate

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I’m excited to have Michelle Laven from Sensate as my guest today.

We cover a wide range of topics from how Sensate helps you manage stress, how vibration and sound elements work on your nervous system, sleep, emotional intelligence, and a lot more.

Sensate uses the natural power of sonic resonance to calm your body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief and long-term benefits from regular use.

We talk about: 

12:50 - How Sensate helps manage your stress

16:10 - How vibration and sound elements work on your nervous system

17:20 - Vagus nerve and our stress response

21:00 - Sleep and the nervous system

26:30 - How Sensate helps people’s emotional intelligence

29:10 - Unique emotional response when using Sensate

33:00 - Your body keeps the score

38:40 - Willpower isn't always an option


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