Mastering Burnout and Mental Health: A Deep Dive with Empowering Advice for Women

I'm pleased to introduce Raewyn Guerrero, the Gutsy Executive Coach, in an insightful conversation that centers on mental health, burnout, and the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. 

We discuss strategies for preventing and recovering from burnout, emphasizing the mind-body connection, particularly relevant to type-A women. 

I talk about: 

18:10 - Burnout and mental health discussion

25:40 - Tips for better sleep and blood sugar regulation

34:30 - The Importance of balancing multiple roles for female entrepreneurs

51:40 - Superficial approaches to burnout vs functional medicine solutions

01:00:25 - The complexity of burnout and individual experiences

01:04:30 - Exercise and its role in burnout management and recovery

01:07:40 - Practical strategies for slowing down and finding balance in life

01:15:20 - Seeking a better work-life balance and a new location

01:20:05 - The power of reclaiming health and the freedom it brings

01:23:10 - The journey of hypnobirthing


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