Age on Your Own Terms With a Brand New Essential Fatty Acid

In this episode, I'm joined by the dynamic duo of Stephanie and Eric Venn-Watson as we delve into new knowledge surrounding the remarkable advantages of Fatty 15, an innovative essential fatty acid supplement that elevates cellular vitality.

From nurturing heart health and boosting emotional well-being to enhancing sleep and alleviating discomfort, Fatty 15 presents a spectrum of benefits aimed at optimizing your overall state of wellness.

You’re going to learn a lot in this episode! 

We talk about: 

15:30 - Finding a new fatty acid thanks to dolphins!

25:50 - NIH summary says omega-3 supplements lack benefits

30:02 - Long-term benefits of the C15:0 fatty acid

32:40 - Short-term benefits of the C15:0 fatty acid

47:10 - The overwhelming market of supplements

50:00 - What Fatty15 is made out of

01:00:00 - Why essential fatty acids are crucial for women's health

01:08:27 - Separating science and supplement claims

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How does the Fatty 15 supplement compare to traditional omega 3 supplements in terms of cellular benefits for heart health?
  • What are the potential risks and benefits of taking fish oil supplements? 
  • How do prescription omega 3 supplements affect heart health, and what is the current scientific understanding surrounding their efficacy?
  • What are the key considerations when choosing a high-quality and pure supplement?
  • What are some of the potential long-term and near-term benefits of taking the Fatty 15 supplement?
  • How do essential fatty acids, like C15:0, contribute to different stages of life, such as preconception, pregnancy, and postmenopause?
  • Why did we not discover C15:0 earlier?


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