Biohacking or Bioharmonizing? Upgrading the Male-Dominated Industry With Renee Belz and Lauren Sambataro

The Biohacker Babes, Renee Belz and Lauren Sambataro, join me in a thought-provoking discussion on biohacking as a male-dominated space, taking responsibility for your health, why we should stop normalizing obesity, the biohacking conference, and so much more.

Renee and Lauren are the hosts of The Biohacker Babes podcast, which aims to create insight into the body's natural healing abilities, strengthen your intuition, and empower you with techniques and modalities to optimize your health and wellness.

We talk about: 

06:30 - How Renee and Lauren first got into biohacking

07:30 - The tech that Renee and Lauren had when they were young

09:30 - When Renee and Lauren first used the word “biohacking”

12:20 - How Renee and Lauren define biohacking to people who don’t know it

13:30 - The criticism on the word “biohacking”

17:30 - How it feels to be in a very male-dominant space like biohacking

20:00 - The Biohacking Conference review and feedback

28:00 - The biohacking podcasts we listen to

33:00 - Where you can start with biohacking if you’re not that healthy

41:00 - Stop normalizing obesity and shaming the weight loss journey in today’s society

49:00 - A story on helping kids be healthier

53:00 - The most impactful biohacks Renee and Lauren have done

59:00 - Doing less to heal your body and mind

01:05:00 - Biohacks Renee and Lauren won’t do again


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  • The Biohacker Babes’ website
  • Link to their Instagram and podcast

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