Kambo: How to Use Nature’s Venomous Wisdom for Mind, Body, and Soul With Caitlin Thompson


In today’s episode, I have Caitlin Thompson joining me, who was born chronically ill and found unexpected relief through the use of psychedelics and then Kambo. 

We talk about what Kambo is and how it can help with chronic health issues, the mind-body-spirit connection, the significance of rituals, and the importance of finding qualified practitioners for Kambo.

Caitlin Thompson is a neurobiology expert and kambo practitioner. She provides nurturing and gentle kambo sessions, drawing from her own healing journey and extensive training with indigenous tribes, while also conducting human kambo research and assisting individuals in conquering chronic health struggles through diet and other modalities.

I talk about: 

10:00 - Caitlin’s health journey and how she discovered Kambo

14:00 - What Kambo is and its benefits

17:30 - The history of Kambo

20:00 - Common health problems Caitlin treats with Kambo

23:00 - Autoimmunity, peptides in Kambo, and the power of consciousness

27:30 - What you can expect during and after a Kambo session

31:00 - Changing your life through Kambo and ayahuasca

37:00 - Kambo and your ego

40:00 - How to find a reputable Kambo practitioner and the questions you should ask

43:30 - Kambo protocols that Caitlin recommends

49:00 - How Caitlin uses Kambo therapy

52:00 - The Kambo experience for males and females

54:30 - Kids and Kambo


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  • Go here to find a Kambo practitioner in your area
  • Visit Caitlin’s website here

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