Holistic Healing: Unraveling the Spiritual Significance of North America's Top 10 Health Issues

This was a request from several people after I previously discussed the spiritual meaning of cysts, fibroids, and other health issues on another episode. 

I talk about the top 10 health problems in North America and their spiritual significance, the chakras associated with them, and their various spiritual healing approaches!

If you have a question or topic for an episode, send me a message on Instagram and let’s chat. 

I talk about: 

07:00 - The top 10 health issues in Western society 

10:00 - Heart disease

13:00 - Cancer

16:30 - Obesity

19:00 - Diabetes

22:00 - Chronic respiratory diseases

23:00 - Mental health disorders

26:00 - Substance abuse

30:00 - Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

36:30 - Stroke

37:30 - Influenza and pneumonia


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