When Good Cells Go Bad: Understanding Cellular Senescence and Its Impact on Aging and Disease with Lauren Alexander from Neurohacker

Lauren Alexander, the Vice President of Marketing for Neurohacker Collective, a company focused on making groundbreaking products for wellness and overall human biology, joins me on the podcast today.

We talk about mom brain, the 12 hallmarks of aging, longevity, enhancing your brain performance, cellular senescence and its importance, and much more!

This is an exciting episode so make sure you tune in.

We talk about: 

02:20 - Hallmarks of aging for female health

06:00 - How Lauren's biohacking journey started

08:50 - How Lauren noticed mom brain and what her experience with it is

10:40 - Solutions for mom brain

13:10 - Enhancing brain performance without supplementation

17:50 - Lauren's sleep while pregnant with her kids

23:00 - Cellular senescence and why it's important

27:30 - Fixing cellular senescence

32:00 - Effects of senolytics

34:30 - How to know that you're aging on a faster level as compared to your chronological age

39:30 - Autophagy VS. cellular senescence

41:00 - Living a more natural lifestyle to help with aging

44:10 - The benefits of starting a garden

47:00 - Exercise and its benefits

49:00 - Brittany's favorite biohack


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