Healthy Dalgona Coffee Recipe

Finally: the perfect healthy Dalgona coffee recipe

This drink has become super trendy lately, and a great option to try if you’re bored at home!

The recipe:

- 2 tbsp instant coffee
- 2 tbsp xylitol
- 2 tbsp hot water
- nut milk
- ice
- Optional: cocoa powder or honey

This recipe makes two servings... or one massive fluffy coffee for yourself 😉 I separated it into two glasses and saved the second for the next day by placing it in the fridge

The steps:

1. Add instant coffee, xylitol and hot water into a small mixing bowl

2. Mix the ingredients with a hand beater until fluffy, a light golden colour and the mixture can create “peaks”

3. Fill your glass 3/4 with milk and add ice cubes

4. Spoon the coffee mixture on top with a teaspoon gently and play around to see how high you can build it

5. Sprinkle on cocoa powder or honey on top if you like


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This Dalgona coffee is vegan and paleo, you can make it keto by using high fat milk (coconut or dairy)

Xylitol is a plant-based sweetener that is a a healthy alternative to sugar. It can replace sugar 1:1 and be found at @wholefoods or online health retailers like @thrivemarket and @vitasave

It’s approved by the @bulletproof, paleo, vegan and keto diet

You could also make it with a sweetener like monk fruit by @sweet.monk

I prefer almond milk or other nut milks which I digest well and so does my partner according to his @myviome results #viomerecipe