Optimizing Women's Brain Health: A Deep Dive into Neurofeedback, Chinese Medicine and Brain Mapping in Menopause, Motherhood and Beyond

In this episode, we explore the fascinating intersection of neurofeedback, Chinese medicine, and holistic health with Dr. Paula Koberda, a renowned expert in neurofeedback and brain health.

We unpack the essentials of robustness in health, the benefits of neurofeedback for optimizing brain function, and practical steps for navigating life's various stages with vigor and vitality.

We talk about: 

13:00 - How Dr. Paula started with neurofeedback and brain mapping

16:00 - Understanding neurofeedback and why it’s used

26:00 - Trends in brainwaves and burnout indicators

32:00 - Brainwave trends in women during different life stages

36:00 - Using Chinese medicine and other ways to avoid postpartum depletion

44:00 - How to determine if you are “robust”

49:00 - The Chinese medicine perspective on nutrition and food

53:00 - How Dr. Paula educates her clients on intuitive eating

1:00:00 - Menopause and its effects on women’s bodies and brain functions

1:03:00 - The future of neurofeedback

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What is neurofeedback and how does it work?
  • What are the indicators of overall energy and robustness in Chinese medicine?
  • How does Chinese medicine approach nutrition differently from Western nutrition?
  • Can neurofeedback address stress-related symptoms and how?
  • How can neurofeedback be helpful during pregnancy and menopause?
  • What are some tips for maintaining robustness during pregnancy?


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