Subzero Transformation: Navigating Pain to Peak Wellness with Cold Immersion Therapy

Dive into the icy journey with Joshua Church, co-founder of Edge Theory Labs.

Joshua shares his powerful journey from chronic pain to peak wellness through cold immersion therapy. 

We talk about the Edge Tub, an ice-less innovation in home cold therapy. We also discuss the profound mental and physical benefits of cold exposure and the new Edge app, designed to support those exploring cold water immersion benefits.

We talk about: 

12:30 - Joshua’s story: Living with chronic pain and seeking alternative modalities of healing

17:00 - How Joshua started loving cold therapy from hating it before 

25:00 - Cold therapy methods: Cold showers, ice baths, cryotherapy, and others

37:00 - Edge Theory Labs’ three-stage approach to cold water immersion to help beginners get started

41:00 - Timings in cold therapy: What happens in the first seconds and when you get the benefits

45:00 - Conquering your fears and your state of mind through cold therapy

49:00 - How Joshua practices cold therapy

53:00 - The power of vocalizing during cold therapy

56:00 - The Edge app: Guided sessions and community connection for cold water immersion, breathwork and heat therapy

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What inspired the creation of the Edge Tub and Edge Theory Labs?
  • How does daily cold therapy using the Edge Tub differ in terms of experience and benefits compared to traditional ice baths?
  • How does cold therapy contribute to emotional resilience and mental health?
  • How does cold therapy serve as a method for working through fears and traumas?
  • What is the importance of community and coaching when engaging in cold therapy?
  • What are the physiological changes that occur during the initial 60 seconds of cold exposure, and why is this the critical moment for transition in the therapy process?
  • What emotional benefits come from reaching beyond the initial discomfort of cold therapy?
  • In what ways does cold exposure benefit the body?
  • What is the influence of primal noises and vagus nerve stimulation on self-regulation?


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