Creating True Mental Resilience: The Transformative Power of Reiki, Meditation, and Holistic Practices

My incredible guest, Edit B Kiss, shared her journey from a petroleum engineering background to becoming a Reiki master, revealing how holistic therapy radically reshaped not only her health but her entire life. 

We talked about the profound impacts of meditation, the importance of dietary changes, and how to tackle core traumas to reach true mental resilience.

We also explore the science behind meditation and hypnotherapy, and how they can lead to an enriched life.

We talk about: 

09:30 - Edit B Kiss’ growth story

12:00 - How Edit B Kiss got started with Reiki 

20:00 - The impact of diet changes on health and weight management

23:30 - Transcendental meditation and its benefits

32:00 - How to tell if you have mental resiliency and why it’s important

38:00 - Source memory healing and hypnotherapy: Their benefits and how they help release trauma

45:00 - Overcoming the hustle culture and prioritizing your health 

49:00 - The importance of daily meditation for mental health

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How can meditation improve hormone levels and overall well-being?
  • Why is building mental resilience important, and how can it be achieved?
  • How can acknowledging mental and physical states help build true resilience?
  • Why is it essential to address core issues rather than suppress emotions?
  • What is source memory healing and what are its benefits?
  • What is transcendental meditation how can it benefit you?
  • How can meditation assist in achieving peace and enhancing spiritual awareness?
  • What is the importance of meditating daily, especially for busy individuals?


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