Q&A: Holistic vs. Western Medicine, My Self Care Routine, Strange Health Experiments, Female Work Challenges, Books I Love and More

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In this episode, I talk about The Biohacking Conference and Biohacking Congress, the challenges and obstacles I face as a young woman in the field of biohacking, western medicine and holistic medicine, my self-care rituals, and much more!

I talk about: 

01:00 - The Biohacking Conference and Biohacking Congress

05:00 - Challenges and obstacles as a young woman in the field of biohacking and how I overcome them

08:00 - Imposter syndrome

14:00 - Striking a balance between western medicine and holistic medicine

19:00 - Blindly following medical advice without doing research

21:00 - Chronic and acute sickness

23:00 - My self-care rituals to maintain my physical and mental wellbeing

25:00 - My self-care routine

28:00 - My favorite go-to healthy snack

30:00 - The strangest biohacking experiment I did on myself

35:00 - 3 people I want to have dinner with, living or dead

38:30 - The latest book I’ve read


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