Q&A: Berberine vs. Ozempic, Alcohol's Impact, The Healing Web, and Functional Foods for Women's Health

On this episode, I talk about berberine and its benefits, how it’s different from Ozempic and Metformin, alcohol and it’s effect on your health, functional foods for women, and a lot more.

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I talk about: 

05:00 - Attending the Biohacking Conference in Florida with Katie Type A

09:00 - My InsideTracker results

11:30 - Berberine as a replacement for Ozempic

18:00 - Berberine for fertility

20:00 - Alcohol and your health

28:00 - Different types of alcohol and their potential benefits

32:30 - The Healing Web and how it works

41:30 - Functional foods and how they help in women’s health - soy, flax seeds, turmeric

46:00 - Functional chocolate for women

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption and which types of alcohol should be emphasized?
  • How do women metabolize alcohol differently than men?
  • What are the detrimental effects of excessive alcohol consumption on one's health?
  • How can one make informed choices about alcohol consumption?
  • What are phytoestrogens and what health benefits do they provide?
  • What is curcumin and how can it benefit one's health?
  • What are functional foods and how can ingredients like ashwagandha and maca be used to make them more healthful and hormone balancing?
  • What is the Healing Web and what kind of information does it provide?


Let’s Connect:


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