Senescence Cells and Skin: Nurturing Skin from Within with OneSkin

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I'm joined by Alessandra Zonari, one of the brilliant minds behind OneSkin, for an insightful conversation centered on the fascinating world of skin health.

During our discussion, we delve deep into various aspects, including the intricacies of skincare, the tactics employed by skincare companies to capitalize on consumers, the science of skin aging and longevity, and a detailed exploration of how our skin operates at a cellular level.

Moreover, we uncover the groundbreaking innovation behind OneSkin Topical Supplements, which feature OS-01, the inaugural ingredient that has undergone scientific validation for its remarkable ability to actually reverse the biological aging of skin molecules.

We talk about: 

14:00 - What skincare products really do to your skin

16:00 - What happens to your skin as you age

21:00 - Why it’s important to keep your skin at its best

23:00 - NAD for your skin

28:00 - How OneSkin tests its products compared with other skincare companies

39:00 - EWG and SkinSAFE certifications

41:00 - The delicate skin around your eye area

44:00 - Skincare for eczema

46:30 - OneSkin sunscreen and products for pregnant women


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