Unlocking Cellular Energy: Exploring the Secrets of Mitochondrial Health with Timeline Nutrition

We're diving into the world of Timeline Nutrition and their game-changing gem, Mitopure. Get ready to explore how this nutrient can seriously boost your mitochondria – those tiny powerhouses that keep you going strong.

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I’m kicking things off with a bang by having the incredible Emily Werner from Timeline Nutrition join us for the first of twelve days of giveaways.

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We talk about: 

07:10 - What Mitopure is

11:00 - How to support your mitochondria as you get older

15:10 - Who is Mitopure for

18:00 - CoQ10 and the mitochondria

24:00 - Benefits of Mitopure for the average person

26:00 - How to know if your mitochondria is not performing as it should

28:00 - How long should you take Mitopure

33:00 - Mitopure skincare products and why they have it

38:00 - Misleading marketing in most supplements and skincare products


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