How to Break the Trauma Cycle: Innovative Biohacks, Intergenerational Healing, and Spiritual Wellness

Trauma therapist, biohacker, and author of “The Phoenix Awakening: Rising Up from the Ashes of Trauma”, Oneg Shapira shares her personal journey with trauma, her experiences in the army, and the role of biofeedback techniques in performance enhancement.

We touch on the fascinating concept of intergenerational trauma and practical strategies to break the cycle, from self-discovery exercises to cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Plus, we discuss the intersection of technology and holistic healing, the influence of spirituality, and the importance of making conscious choices for overall well-being. 

We talk about: 

12:00 - How Oneg’s prosopagnosia helped her get started with neurofeedback

14:00 - What biofeedback is and how it helps in healing trauma

17:00 - The signs of emotional trauma

22:00 - Trauma can come from varied, overlooked sources: Discussing micro-trauma and intergenerational traumas

28:00 - Using biohacking to aid in trauma recovery using a holistic approach

30:00 - Top biohacking strategies to help with trauma recovery: guide meditation, rhythmic breathing, BrainTap, Sensate, red light therapy

34:00 - Using frequencies for trauma recovery: Leela Quantum Tech (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) 

42:00 - The importance of spirituality and community in trauma recovery

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • What are the recommended ways to heal from trauma and break the cycle?
  • What role does biofeedback play in trauma therapy and training for performance under pressure?
  • What are some top biohacking strategies for those recovering from trauma?
  • How can stimulating the vagus nerve help in promoting a relaxed state?
  • What is the importance of creating a comfortable space for trauma therapy?
  • What is the significance of spirituality and community in trauma healing and overall health?


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