Q&A: Optimizing Energy, Cognitive Health, Stress Management, Pregnancy, Preconception and Hormone Balancing

This week I am answering a bunch of biohacking questions that I have received recently from Instagram.

I talk about improving your cognitive performance, stress management strategies, increasing your energy naturally, optimizing hormonal health and increasing chances of conception, and so much more!

I talk about: 

02:50 - Biohacks to improve your cognitive performance

07:00 - Optimizing sleep

09:00 - Using an Oura ring if you have sleep problems

10:00 - Nutrition and exercise for brain health

14:00 - Chronic stress and cognitive performance

15:20 - Effective stress management strategies to balance your hormones and optimize your wellbeing

19:00 - Breathing properly

21:00 - Taking adaptogens and physical activity for stress management

23:00 - Social support - see your friends

27:00 - Sleep hygiene

30:30 - Dietary recommendations and supplements to optimize energy levels

31:30 - Macronutrients 

36:00 - Fiber-rich and antioxidant-rich foods

39:00 - Make food at home as often as you can

41:00 - Steps to optimize hormonal health and increase chances of conception

43:30 - Balanced nutrition

46:00 - Maintain blood sugar levels by consuming regular meals

48:00 - Manage stress and maintain a healthy weight

52:30 - Regulating your menstrual cycle through biohacking

54:00 - Environmental toxin reduction

01:02:00 - Pregnancy biohacks

01:07:00 - Joining prenatal support groups


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