Mastering Your Biological Age: Expert Insights and Actionable Tips for Longevity with GlycanAge

Join me and Zorrie Dimitrova as we explore the essence of GlycanAge's significance in the longevity and health space.

Discover how this at-home test gauges your biological age through chronic inflammation, intricately linked to your lifestyle choices.

We unveil the secrets to gracefully lower your GlycanAge while embracing expert advice for holistic wellness.

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We talk about: 

08:50 - What GlycanAge is and how it works

10:20 - How your glycan profile changes over time

13:30 - Zorrie’s personal experience with GlycanAge

19:00 - Why your GlycanAge may be higher than your actual age

25:00 - Your GlycanAge during and after pregnancy

27:00 - How GlycanAge compares to other biological tests

30:00 - Gycans and diseases

31:30 - Actionable tips you can do to lower your GlycanAge

36:00 - Growing your own food


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