Third Trimester Realities vs. Expectations: Managing Weight Gain, Sleep Struggles, Back Pain, and My Favorite Maternity Wear

In this episode, I dive into the nitty-gritty of navigating the third trimester of my pregnancy, all while maintaining focus on holistic health and well-being.

I talk about the importance of comfortable maternity wear, and how I've managed to stay healthy without feeling run down. 

I also touch on my sleep struggles, and the supplements and brands that have made pregnancy more bearable. 

Listen in as I give an open and honest look at navigating pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of my baby.

I talk about: 

06:00 - The experience of moving houses during my third trimester

09:30 - Weight gain in my third trimester and how I felt about it

16:00 - What clothes I wear while I’m super pregnant: Bumpsuit (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

25:00 - Maternity wear recommendations: Juunaday (code: BRITTANY), Legoe Heritage

30:00 - Getting my hair and nails done during the third trimester

35:00 - How I solve my problems with sleep: Magnesium (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

37:00 - Struggling with baby brain and how I plan to get my brain back to normal postpartum

39:00 - Overcoming debilitating back pain

44:00 - Why I slowed down my exercise routine and what I’m doing now

47:00 - My baby shower experience and recommendations

55:00 - My third trimester experience overall

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • How has Brittany's third trimester differed from her first and second trimesters?
  • How has Brittany's diet and exercise routine changed during her third trimester?
  • How do you manage back pain during the third trimester?
  • How can self-care help you through the third trimester?
  • What clothing advice does Brittany have for the third trimester?
  • Which brands are recommended for comfortable pregnancy clothing?
  • How do you manage sleep issues during pregnancy?
  • What is “Baby Brain” and how is Brittany affected by it?


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