Exploring MCT, Metabolic Health, and Cognitive Science with Zach Schreier from Lifestacks


Join me on insightful and engaging exploration into the realm of MCT, featuring my guest Zach Schreier from Lifestacks MCT.

In this episode, we dive into meaningful discussions surrounding the delicate balance between nature and urban living, uncovering the keys to metabolic health, and delving into the intriguing science behind cognitive optimization.

Join us as we journey through these fascinating topics, exploring the connections that shape our well-being and understanding how science can enhance our daily lives.



We talk about: 

00:30 - Zack’s health journey with Type 1 Diabetes

05:00 - Autoimmune disorders in the family and aging

08:00 - How Zack tracks his blood sugar

12:00 - Normal range for HBA1C

16:00 - Alzheimer’s being potentially type 3 diabetes

25:00 - Why it’s so hard to live healthy in today’s society

29:00 - Choosing between living closer to nature vs being closer to your friends

35:00 - Zack’s simple daily routine

40:00 - Why Zack decided to be healthy

47:00 - Nootropics and Lifestacks MCT

51:00 - How people use MCT and where Lifestacks is headed



Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How does Zack keep himself healthy despite having diabetes?
  • How does Zack manage his blood sugar as a type 1 diabetic?
  • How do you personally strike the balance between living in nature and living in the city?
  • How do factors like genetics and environment affect health?
  • What does Zack’s daily routine look like?
  • Why is metabolic health important for brain health?
  • What is the importance of paying attention to food quality, exercise, and maintaining a vibrant social life?




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