Overcoming Burnout, Cleansing and Detoxing for High Achievers With Vanessa Grutman

Join me as my friend, Vanessa Grutman, shares her journey of overcoming burnout and discovering her true purpose. We'll explore the challenges faced by high-achieving women and how she guides them towards balance and fulfillment.

Vanessa, a certified health coach, integrative health practitioner, and successful entrepreneur, also delves into the transformative power of detox and cleanses in achieving holistic wellness.

Don't miss this inspiring episode on cleansing your way to success with Vanessa Grutman.

We talk about: 

11:50 - Vanessa’s entrepreneurship journey

16:00 - Navigating maternity leave if you have a business

18:00 - Having boundaries and being anchored in feminine energy

21:30 - Common challenges encountered by high-achieving women

24:30 - Informing women of the benefits of tuning into their feminine energy

26:00 - How to tell if you’re in your parasympathetic state

28:30 - Vanessa’s detoxification protocols

34:00 - A low-inflammation diet

39:00 - Criticisms on cleanses and detoxes

43:50 - Detoxes and cleanses for Vanessa’s kids

48:00 - Addressing Candida

52:00 - Candida cleanse and biofilm disruptor

58:00 - Detoxing after having been vaccinated

01:05:00 - Doing a detox before your fertility journey

01:06:30 - How Vanessa’s program works and how long it takes

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What is the liver detoxification process and its significance to overall health?
  • What role do parasites play in the Candida cleanse process? 
  • Why is it crucial to address parasites along with Candida and open drainage pathways through a liver detox? 
  • Why is it important to approach detoxification and nourishment from a holistic perspective, rather than focusing solely on restricting calories and macros?
  • Why is doing a detox before your fertility journey important?
  • What is the parasympathetic state and its benefits?
  • How does Vanessa help her kids when they do a detox?


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  • Vanessa Grutman’s website
  • Vanessa’s Instagram and podcast

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