How to Use Silver to Support Your Immune System

All that hugging, celebration, and touching are coming into full force. You're exposed to way more germs and bacteria, which increases your chance of getting a cold or flu this holiday season. And, if you're like me, you'll want to get rid of them fast!


An excellent way to biohack your immune system this winter is using Silver Biotics. It's a highly innovative range of products using mineral silver, a component with natural antibiotic properties, to create a powerful antimicrobial defence. Mineral silver acts on the microbe's cell wall and prevents it from multiplying, so it's ideal for fighting off bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Ancient cultures have used silver for its healing properties, and now modern science is catching up by adding it to everyday products to fight infection. 


Silversol, a newly improved component in Silver Biotics products, is helping biohackers and health-conscious individuals stay well all winter long. From immune support supplements to toothpaste, Silver Biotics has a product for everyone in the family. With a natural antibiotic silver component in each product, it is gentle and safe for everyday use. Several biohackers use the products as the first line of defence against colds, flu, and other infections and swear by its efficacy (including myself!).


It is safe for everyday use and can help you stay well all winter. And not only that, you can be sure to work your way to a healthier and more robust defence system even as the weather changes. With Silver Biotics, you can stay well and biohack your way through the holiday rush!


How to use silver on a daily basis

Silver Biotics' range of products ensures you're getting optimal immune support to keep your body in the best shape for the busy days ahead. With the holidays fast approaching, using Silver Biotics for immune support has never been more critical. Here is how you can best use Silver Biotics products for maximum benefit:


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1.) Use Silver Biotics daily, especially during increased stress or travel periods, such as this holiday season. Silversol doesn't interact chemically, so using your prescribed antibiotics and other medications is safe. For the Silver Biotics Immune Support supplement, it's best to consume it the moment you wake up before breakfast to get optimal benefits. Generally, you might taste a slight taste of metal upon consumption.

2.) Many are wary about argyria, a case when silver accumulates in the body, creating a bluish skin discoloration. However, with Silversol, you can ingest 1 oz of 10 ppm silver daily without getting this side effect. Silversol does not accumulate in the body like other colloidal silver products. Silver Biotics products contain 10 to 35 ppm and are non-toxic, so there is no risk of overdosing.

3.) You can use the Silver Biotics tooth gel like your ordinary toothpaste. But to get the best results, you can use their silver toothpaste for better protection. It's safe for crowns and dentures, so there is no need to worry about staining and damage.


The benefits of using silver

You can biohack your way around this 'sick season' with Silver Biotics.


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Your skin is your first line of defence against this cold and flu season, so it makes sense to use a product that helps keep your skin healthy. Lavender Healing Cream provides a natural way to moisturize your skin while also providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, ensuring your skin is healthy and protected against cracking and dryness.


With the Immune Support supplement, you can rest easy and find relief from the common cold and flu. Silver Biotics ArmourGel provides an antimicrobial barrier against infection and can help relieve pain and inflammation.


With these products in your arsenal, you can take on this cold and flu season like a pro!


I personally love to take the Immune Support supplement every morning on an empty stomach to help get rid of any "bad microbes" that are in my system. I also use the gel and cream to rid my skin of any bacteria or viruses that may cause infection, rashes or skin irritation. The entire range from Silver Biotics is great to have in your medicine cabinet to support your immune system inside and out! 


Visit Silver Biotics and enter code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY for discounts on their products.




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