How Testing Your Blood Can Change You

Are you plagued with holiday parties and buffets? Of course, it's a season for overindulgence, but you can still maintain your health goals. I always find it challenging to track what I'm eating and how it's affecting my body, but luckily there's a solution.


A team of passionate people at InsideTracker has created a product that takes health personalization to a new level. Experts in the fields of aging, genetics, and biometric data, InsideTracker first launched this idea back in 2009. Since then, they have helped people from all walks of life optimize their health and performance by providing them with actionable, science-based information about their bodies.


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InsideTracker is a blood testing service that analyzes 43 biomarkers related to health and fitness. It runs through your vitamins, minerals, and hormones, including glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol, and cortisol levels. But unlike your typical blood work, InsideTracker shows optimal biomarker zones where you might be deficient.

If you're looking to 'roll back the clock,' InnerAge 2.0 is the perfect way to track your progress and set goals. This version is more sensitive to changes in diet and lifestyle and provides an even more accurate picture of your biological age. It evaluates 13 biomarkers for women and 17 for men and explores aspects of your health where it's 'adding' or 'subtracting' to your age. It's a fantastic tool for checking the actual state of your body on a cellular level. 


How to Get Tested With InsideTracker  

InsideTracker is here to help you make smarter choices and stay on track, even when it comes to your holiday food and lifestyle choices. 


Here's how you can best use this test to your advantage this season:


1.) Have your blood drawn and analyzed. You can do this through a mobile blood draw from InsideTracker or a local lab. If you have an existing blood test, you can also upload it to your InsideTracker account.

2.) Fill out the personal profile in your dashboard, where it will ask for exercise routines, nutrition, and lifestyle preferences.

3.) The team at InsideTracker will analyze your blood and send you a report with personalized recommendations.

4.) Select the goal compatible with your lifestyle and follow the recommendations to help improve your health biomarkers.

5.) InsideTracker will continue to monitor your progress. Do a retest to check how your health biomarkers are doing and to get new recommendations.


Benefits Of Using InsideTracker This Holiday Season


It's a festive season, so it's likely we're all feeling a little more sluggish, and our skin is taking a beating from the cold weather.

Here are some benefits of using InsideTracker this holiday season:


1.) Boost your energy levels

If you're feeling run down, it's time to give your body a much-needed boost. InsideTracker can help you do that by providing customized recommendations based on your unique biology and your test results.


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2.) Get your glow on

The stress from the holiday season can take a toll on our skin, leaving us looking a bit dull and lifeless. But with InsideTracker, you can get your glow back by following their recommendations for optimizing your stress and hormone levels.


3.) Stay hydrated

It's essential to stay hydrated during the winter months, and InsideTracker can help ensure you're getting enough fluids. They'll also provide customized recommendations for other nutrients necessary for hydration, like magnesium and sodium.


4.) Manage your stress levels

The holidays can be stressful, but with InsideTracker, you can manage your stress levels and keep them in check. It can keep track of crucial indicators such as cortisol and give you personalized recommendations for managing stress.


5.) Keep your immune system strong

During the winter, keeping your immune system is essential to avoid getting sick. InsideTracker can help by providing customized recommendations for evaluating basophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, and vitamin D.

I find the biological age test (InnerAge 2.0) the most fascinating. It looks at various biomarkers and tells you if your levels are internally making you younger or older. Every time I have been tested, I have received an age much lower than my own, typically between 8 - 10 years younger than my chronological age. It’s interesting to see how things like high DHEAs can reduce my biological age, whereas more elevated cholesterol or LDL can increase my biological age. Getting this and the Ultimate Test done every quarter is extremely helpful for understanding my hormones, longevity and where I need to change my diet and supplements.


Visit InsideTracker and enter code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY to get a discount on their plans.



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