Should You Eat Your Placenta? Everything You Need to Know About Placentophagy

Today I talk about a question I received on Instagram about the pros and cons of eating your placenta, otherwise known as “placentophagy”.

I talk about the benefits and risks of eating your placenta, ethical considerations, placenta vs other organ meat nutrients, encapsulating your placenta post-birth and much more. I also explain the history of placentophagy and how it’s been noted in several cultures across the world. 

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I talk about: 

03:00 - Eating your placenta

06:40 - Placentophagy in different cultures and traditions across the world

10:00 - The many benefits of placentophagy

14:00 - Hormonal balance and the spiritual connection

18:15 - The Cons and risks of placentophagy

22:00 - Ethical considerations of placentophagy

25:30 - Toxins being absorbed in the placenta

29:00 - Different methods of taking the placenta - capsules, smoothies, soups and tinctures

35:00 - The cost of eating and encapsulating your placenta

37:00 - Eating your placenta and your breastmilk supply

39:30 - Eating placenta VS other organ meat

42:00 - Eating placenta and veganism considerations


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