Biohacking Your Sleep and Eye Health: A Deep Dive into Blue Light with Filter Optix

I'm delighted to introduce Robin Andersen from Filter Optix on this episode. We explore topics like sleep, blue light, red light, different types of blue-light blocking glasses, Filter Optix's lens options and their benefits, and more.

Filter Optix is dedicated to improving lives and well-being by creating innovative eyewear.

Their focus is on helping people reduce exposure to artificial blue light, which clinical trials have shown to have negative effects on sleep and overall health.

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We talk about: 

11:09 - Crafting the perfect lenses for optimal eye health

14:01 - The importance of eco-friendly materials in biohacking products

20:26 - The importance of timing for wearing blue light glasses

22:20 - Adjusting timing in different seasons

23:38 - Blue-light blockers for better sleep and night feeds

25:32 - The disruptive effects of blue light on sleep and cortisol levels

29:13 - Glasses for kids: limiting screen time and sleep benefits

31:58 - Different lenses for different needs: clear, yellow, orange, and red

38:49 - The importance of taking measures for eye health


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