Spiritual Beliefs About Fibroids, Cysts, Miscarriages, Breast Lumps and Gallstones and What You Can Do About Them

In this episode, I share information on the spiritual and energetic significance of ovarian cysts, gallstones, fibroids, breast lumps and miscarriages. I also talk about womb healing, woman’s health topics that are still considered taboo, and the concept of “soul babies.” 

This episode has a lot of insight into different ways of healing, including physical, spiritual, mental and emotional modalities. 

I talk about: 

07:00 - Healing from an ovarian cyst on my right ovary

07:50 - Beliefs that people have around ovarian cysts as to what causes them

10:00 - Acupuncture benefits for women

11:50 - Ovarian cysts and energy

13:30 - Gallstones and what causes them spiritually and energetically

18:50 - Fibroids and what causes them spiritually and energetically

24:00 - Take care of your emotional and spiritual health

27:00 - Womb healing and healing the divine feminine

30:00 - Microdosing with therapy

31:00 - Breast lumps - emotional blockages, unresolved trauma, and spiritual awakening

34:30 - Miscarriages 

39:00 - Miscarriages and periods should not be taboo

42:00 - Spiritual beliefs around miscarriages

45:20 - The concept of “soul babies”

50:00 - Women can feel the gender of the baby they’re going to have


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