A Journey of Self-Discovery, Microdosing, Reiki and Mind-Body Connection with Kathleen Harmeston

In this episode, I had a transformative conversation with Kathleen Harmeston, a seasoned business advisor who overcame pancreatic atrophy through holistic healing practices. 

We explored her journey, the pivotal role of stress in health challenges, her proactive approach to menopause, and her experience with Reiki and microdosing for healing and resilience. 

Kathleen's wisdom and insights will inspire you to embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness.

We talk about: 

09:00 - Kathleen’s journey with pancreatic atrophy

12:00 - Getting help from a Functional Medicine Specialist

14:00 - Managing stress

19:00 - Focusing on your mind and body connection

22:00 - Being proactive in taking care of yourself

26:00 - Reiki for Kathleen’s healing journey

32:00 - Kathleen’s experience with microdosing

35:00 - Caring for someone else

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How did Kathleen's journey with pancreatic atrophy impact her life?
  • What modalities did Kathleen try for her health issue, and what moved the needle the most for her?
  • How did stress play a role in Kathleen's health issues, and how did she manage it?
  • How did Kathleen apply a proactive mindset to menopause, and how did she navigate that change in her body?
  • How did Kathleen explore the healing journey through Reiki and what role did it play in her life?
  • What kind of microdosing did Kathleen get into, and what was her experience like?


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