Upgrade Your Sleep: Crafting the Ultimate Sanctuary for Complete Rest, Peak Performance, and Optimal Health

In this episode, I delve into creating the ultimate sleep oasis. 

I explore how to optimize your bedroom, bed quality, sleep timing, nutrition and the impact of air and light quality on sleep. 

I also share essential sleep enhancement tips, debunk myths, tackle EMF pollution, and guide you towards a consistent sleep schedule and optimal rest metrics.

We talk about: 

10:00 - Your circadian rhythm

20:00 - Optimizing the bedroom: blackout curtains, blackout stickers, red lamps, salt lamps

29:00 - Bed quality and ergonomics: green mattress (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), back sleeping pillow

33:00 - EMF: Bahe grounding shoes (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), EMF meter, Leela Quantum Tech

39:00 - Improving air quality: air filter, ecos paints

42:00 - Bedroom temperature and humidity

46:00 - Morning habits

51:00 - Supplements: BiOptimizers full spectrum magnesium,  magnesium powder and sleep powder (code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), 

58:00 - Drinks that help or disturb your sleep

1:04:00 - Wake up naturally: Wake up light, alarm clock

1:09:00 - Sleep metrics: Oura ring, Eight Sleep pod (code BRITTANY)

1:15:00 - Midnight snacks

Questions answered in this episode:

  • Why should we choose eco-friendly building materials and paints for construction projects?
  • Can incenses and essential oils affect air quality even as they promote relaxation?
  • What is the optimal room temperature range for a good night's sleep?
  • How does sufficient blue spectrum light during the day contribute to alertness and sleep?
  • What type of daily exercise routine is recommended for balancing circadian rhythm?
  • How does a consistent sleep schedule benefit overall sleep quality?
  • How can electromagnetic pollution in the bedroom be mitigated?
  • What sleep metrics should be optimized for restorative sleep?
  • What kind of midnight snack might aid in returning to sleep?
  • Why is magnesium considered a critical nutrient for sleep?
  • How should vitamin D be consumed to avoid hampering melatonin production?


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