Simple and Advanced Ways to Extend Your Healthspan for a Healthier, Longer Life

In this episode, I unravel the secrets of extending your healthspan, distinguishing it from my lifespan. I explore the impact of everyday decisions on my well-being, from nutrition and exercise to quality sleep and stress management.

I talk about alcohol, delve into fasting's hormonal effects, and discuss the benefits of cold exposure. I also explore the significance of NAD+ and polyphenol-rich foods. 

The episode concludes with mind-body practices and the potential benefits of methylene blue, providing a concise guide to enhancing your overall healthspan.

I talk about: 

15:00 - The difference between healthspan and lifespan

22:00 - Deteriorating health because of your everyday health decisions

27:00 - Rethinking your food choices for better health and regular exercise

33:00 - Prioritizing quality sleep for optimal healthspan

39:10 - Stress management: Techniques for a healthy mind and body

43:00 - Moderation of alcohol in longevity

50:00 - Fasting: Women's and men's hormones

52:00 - Cold exposure, saunas, and heat therapy

59:00 - NAD+ and polyphenol-rich foods

1:02:00 - Mind-body practices that help with stress, epigenetic modifications, and methylene blue

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for men and women?
  • How can cold therapy and heat therapy impact overall health?
  • What are NAD+ supplements, and how can they support cellular function?
  • What are the recommendations for physical activity and exercise routines for overall health?
  • How can stress management and stress reduction contribute to well-being?
  • What are some tips for improving sleep quality and duration?
  • What are the differences between healthspan and lifespan, and what factors influence each?
  • What are some examples of polyphenol-rich foods that promote health and longevity?
  • What mind-body practices were mentioned for stress reduction and well-being?


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