Challenging the Aging Paradigm: Dr. Nichola Conlon Explores the Deep Connections Between NAD+ and the 12 Hallmarks of Aging, Unveiling New Pathways to Longevity

Dr. Nichola Conlon, founder of Nuchido Laboratories (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY), shares groundbreaking insights on how natural molecules can significantly slow down aging, and why the pharmaceutical industry often overlooks these potent compounds.

We dive deep into the world of NAD — a powerhouse molecule that’s vital for aging well but declines as we age.

Plus, discover the common myths about NAD supplements and why some popular methods might not be as effective as they seem.

We talk about:

15:00 - Dr. Nichola's background and path to NAD research

24:00 - How Dr. Nichola figured out the formulation for Nuchido Time+ (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

26:00 - Understanding the 12 hallmarks of aging

33:00 - The root causes of aging and how they are interlinked

41:00 - The function of NAD, where it’s found in the body, and why NAD IVs don’t work

49:00 - The Nuchido Time+ formulation and how it’s different from other NAD supplements

55:00 - The results of the clinical trials for Nuchido Time+ and what they did differently

1:01:00 - Practical advice for enhancing health and longevity through NAD and lifestyle changes

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • What is NAD+ and why is it significant in the body?
  • What makes the NAD supplement from Nuchido Laboratories unique?
  • What are the hallmarks of aging and how are they interlinked?
  • What are some lifestyle factors that can affect NAD levels?
  • What is the significance of cellular senescence in aging?
  • How does chronic inflammation affect NAD levels?
  • How do you boost NAD levels and support healthy aging?


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