Unlocking the Secrets to Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer

Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer is the founder of Well Empowered, which provides data-driven, Functional Medicine approach to help people achieve health and vitality outcomes. She offers courses and one-on-one work to provide guidance, inspired structure, and care to produce and sustain must-have health outcomes.

In this episode, Jessie shares her experience with IFM, discusses the difference between functional medicine and traditional medicine, and offers insights on weight loss struggles and misconceptions, and more!

This episode is a must-listen if you or a loved one is struggling with weight loss!

I talk about: 

08:20 - Jessie’s experience with IFM

11:00 - How Jessie's journey with functional medicine and holistic wellness started

15:00 - Functional medicine vs. traditional medicine

18:30 - Getting to the root cause of diseases

21:00 - Morality and our weight, what we eat, and exercise

25:00 - The true cause of your weight loss struggles

33:30 - Shifting your perspective on weight loss

37:30 - Mastering the ability to ignore what people have to say

41:00 - Common misconceptions on weight loss

49:00 - Remember that our bodies are incredibly resilient

51:00 - Jessie’s approach to weight management

53:30 - Your healthy decisions add up

56:00 - Jessie’s favorite snack that still supports weight loss goals

01:02:00 - Jessie’s favorite self-care ritual and the one book in holistic health that she recommends

01:05:00 - The weirdest wellness trend Jessie has come across

01:06:30 - An influential figure, past or present, about holistic health, who Jessie would love to have a conversation with

Questions answered in this podcast:

1. What are some common barriers to weight loss?
2. What are some misconceptions about weight loss?
3. What is functional medicine?
4. What is the Jessie’s opinion on intermittent fasting?
5. How can you balance being honest with yourself about your eating habits while avoiding becoming obsessed with counting calories and stepping on the scale?
6. What inspired Jessie to contribute meaningfully to others in their health journey?
7. What are some sustainable solutions to weight loss that Jessie recommends, and how can individuals find what works best for them?


  • You can find Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer on her website
  • Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer’s Instagram
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