Healing Traumatic Relationships and Eating Disorders with Intuitive Eating, Fasting, Kundalini Yoga, Gratitude, Cold Therapy and Ayahuasca

Cami Petyn is a full-time Youtuber (Supreme Banana) and author of her first book Silence, a collection of her poetry and photography. She has been making Youtube videos for over 5 years, discussing her life and health journey. She is a mental health advocate, vegan and lover of all things self-help, psychology and spirituality. 

We jump into talking about healing different traumas through a wide range of modalities, including therapy, fasting, kundalini yoga, meditation, psychedelics and gratitude. Cami has recovered from an eating disorder in the past and opens up about intuitive versus restrictive eating as a vegan, plus her healthy relationship with food now. 


We also talk about: 

  • Cold therapy and cold showers
  • Ayahuasca at Rhythmia in Costa Rica
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Choosing the right food for you



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