Biohacking Fertility: How to Support Your Cycle, Increase Pregnancy Chances, Monthly Cycle Syncing, Seed Cycling, EMF’s and Their Role in Fertility, Kayleen Tinker

Kayleen works in the world of marketing but her true passions relate to healing herself naturally from a decade of hormonal birth control and nutritional deficiencies. She is a biohacking advocate and loves exploring new ways to help her body feel and work better. She shares her healing journey through her Instagram, Grassfed and Biohacked. 

In this episode, we chat all things biohacking fertility and monthly rhythms. We explain cycle syncing and how Kayleen has found success with it. We discuss natural versus conventional birth control and the implications of both. Kayleen dives deep into how to increase your fertility and chances of getting pregnant through various biohacking techniques including blocking EMFs, red light therapy and nutrition. 

We also talk about: 

  • Leaving a vegetarian diet for the Bulletproof diet
  • Seed cycling
  • Infrared saunas 
  • Fertility nutrition tips


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