Elevating Gut Health: Exploring Cutting-Edge Testing and Personalized Nutrition with Viome

Join me as I chat with Hilary Kaiser and Grant Antoine from Viome about their cutting-edge testing process and its benefits, people's initial reactions to it, the addition of personalized oral health products to Viome's offerings, and the potential of their test to boost gut health. 

Experience the power of Viome's advanced science and technology in transforming your well-being.

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We talk about: 

09:00 - Discovering Viome’s personalized nutrition and wellness

18:00 - Baseline microbiome stability and long-term dietary influence

21:00 - Recommended timeframe for retesting microbiome

27:00 - The importance of personalized nutrition during pregnancy and preconception planning 

31:30 - Detoxification and the impact on preconception and breastfeeding

37:00 - Hormones and gut health in relation to skin conditions

39:20 - Triggers and frustrations of managing eczema

45:03 - Plug-and-play platform for personalized nutrition in healthcare

47:00 - Behavioral change and the challenges of lifestyle changes


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