The Crucial Role of Your Microbiome: Understanding Environmental Impacts, Xenobiotics, and Sugar on Gut Health

This episode features expert guest Martha Carlin, CEO of the Bio Collective and BiotiQuest. From discussing groundbreaking probiotics to the environmental impacts on our health, we uncover the critical connections between our internal microbiome and our overall well-being.

We also touch upon the importance of our food choices, cooking practices, and the use of probiotics, including their transgenerational effects and their intricate relationship with conditions like Parkinson's, acne, and eczema.

We talk about: 

01:00 - My Baby Steps Course is now launched!

11:00 - How Martha’s husband’s Parkinson’s diagnosis got her started with microbiome exploration

15:00 - The microbiome: How it works and choosing probiotics

20:00 - Benefits of a diverse gut microbiome

23:00 - Antibiotics’ effect on your gut microbiome

27:00 - Environmental toxins affecting your gut microbiome

35:00 - What to do if you have been exposed to toxins that impact your microbiome

41:00 - Sugar’s effect on the microbiome

45:00 - Cooking at home for a healthy microbiome

49:00 - Effects of birth method on newborns’ microbiome

54:00 - The probiotic formula you should start with

Questions answered in this episode:

  • Why did Martha develop a probiotic tailored for Parkinson's patients?
  • What are some effects of high sugar intake on the microbiome and inflammation?
  • What are tips for avoiding harmful foods and their effects?
  • What are the benefits of cooking at home?
  • Could probiotics be beneficial for babies, particularly those born via cesarean section?
  • How significant is the microbiome's impact from birth on long-term health?
  • How can antibiotic use affect the microbiome's resilience and diversity?
  • Which medical professionals are known for prescribing significant amounts of antibiotics?
  • What is the connection between skin conditions and gut health?
  • How do environmental toxins potentially impact the microbiome?


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