Biohacking in the News: Navigating the Blueprint of Innovation and Wellness

In this exciting episode, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of biohacking as it unfolds in today's news landscape. Our focus centers on a groundbreaking feature in Rolling Stone that delves into the audacious biohacking venture of tech magnate Bryan Johnson, known as "Blueprint."

Throughout our exploration, we navigate through a constellation of articles shedding light on the cellular advantages harnessed through biohacking, while also celebrating its newfound accessibility facilitated by cutting-edge technology and vibrant online communities.

We extend our discourse to biohacking centers and emphasize the imperative to amplify the presence of women's health within this evolving sphere of innovation.

We talk about: 

04:50 - Millionaire biohacker says algorithm runs his life

09:30 - Criticism of biohacking: toxic masculinity and unrealistic expectations

14:30 - I tried biohacking: the celeb-loved treatment for wellness and longevity

18:00 - Saving time and money while biohacking

22:40 - Millionaire boss Tim Gurner is slammed where it hurts the most, his obsession with staying young by 'biohacking' is revealed

26:00 - Expensive biohacking clubs

29:00 - Personalized health and nutrition: emerging trends in biohacking

31:00 - Rich biohackers integrate longevity-boosting gadgets into their homes

39:00 - Grand opening celebration of AdvancedYOU: The ultimate anti-aging and bio-hacking center

43:00 - Biohacking for women: bridging the gender gap

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How important is responsible biohacking and still keeping in touch with nature while biohacking?
  • Why is there a need to have more emphasis on women’s health in biohacking?
  • How can business owners make biohacking more accessible?
  • What biohacking techniques can you try without spending a ton of money?
  • What are biohacking lounges and how can they help make biohacking easier?
  • Why is biohacking trending and what are some potential benefits mentioned in the articles?


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  • Check out the articles mentioned:

    • RollingStone: Millionaire Biohacker Says Algorithm Runs His Life

    • NewBeauty: I Tried Biohacking: The Celeb-Loved Treatment For Wellness And Longevity

    • Daily Mail: Millionaire Boss Tim Gurner Is Slammed Where It Hurts The Most - On Linkedin - For Calling Aussie Workers 'arrogant' - As His Obsession With Staying Young By 'biohacking' Is Revealed

    • Genetic Literacy Project: Rich Biohackers Integrate Longevity-Boosting Gadgets Into Their Homes

    • Digital Journal: Grand Opening Celebration Of AdvancedYou: The Ultimate Anti-Aging And Bio-Hacking Center

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